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Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) Sdn Bhd advocates the need to enhance knowledge and skill of its staff and other workers and practitioners in the sewage sector to be effective and efficient in planning, operations and maintenance of its sewerage assets. For this, IWK’s ASTRICE was established at the Sg. Besi Regional Sewage Treatment Works, Bukit Jalil in February 2006. The training centre is a dedicated location for technical training on sewerage systems that focuses on theory and practical for IWK staff and the wider public (both local and international).

IWK's strategy on developing knowledge, skills and competencies to meet business and industry demands. Hence, its training and development program focuses on capacity building in areas of customer relations, health and safety, fundamentals of sewerage systems to new technology, processes and skills.







  • MSIG workshop for planning, design and construction for sewerage system
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA) for sewerage systems
  • Hazard Operability Studies (HAZOPs) for sewerage systems
  • Malaysia Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement (MyCESSM)
  • Asset Risk Management Framework
  • Foundation of project management
  • Introduction to filtration module-design
  • Introduction to environmental obligation and climate change
  • Sewerage Construction Manager (SCM) : Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Module A: Management (Regulatory requirement, Human Resource Management, Construction Management, Contract Administration, Health & Safety and Environment Management System)


  • Construction of sewers
  • Hydraulic energy and flow resistance in sewer design
  • Design of pump stations
  • Sewer rehabilitation and property connection
  • Basic septic tank design
  • Preliminary & primary treatment
  • Introduction to sludge management
  • Sludge dewatering and disposal
  • Introduction to mechanical & electrical design for sewerage systems
  • Construction of sewerage treatment plants
  • Testing & commission of sewerage systems
  • Treatment module 3: sewerage treatment plant design evaluation and audit (new)
  • Sewerage Construction Manager (SCM) : Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Module D: Civil & structural (sewer network, treatment work structures)


  • Sewer network maintenance
  • Desludging work and know your tanker
  • NIOSH authorised entry/stand-by person (ae/sp) / refresher
  • Authorised gas tester (tbc)
  • Hazard identification risk assessment & risk control & workplace inspection (hirarc-wi)
  • Accident reporting and investigation
  • Chemical safety management
  • Process optimization and energy conservation
  • Operating pumping system
  • Sewer closed-circuit television (cctc) condition classification
  • Pipeline rehabilitation training
  • Sewer pipeline condition classification
  • Operation & maintenance of sludge reception facility
  • Operation & maintenance of mechanised dewatering unit
  • Flow measurement systems & applications
  • Introduction to sewage treatment
  • Basic hydraulics of sewage treatment plant
  • Hydraulics of unit processes
  • Introduction to operation & maintenance of sewerage systems
  • Programmable logic controller basic
  • Programmable logic controller intermediate
  • Operation & maintenance of jettor & sewer cleaning vehicle
  • Vacuum sewer system
  • Treatment plant operators course 1-sewerage and sewage treatment processes & sludge management
  • Introduction to treatment plant operations
  • Extended aeration system
  • Operating fixed film system
  • Operating sequence batch reactor
  • Operation and maintenance of oxidation pond and aerated lagoon
  • Operating network pump stations
  • Operation and maintenance of sludge drying bed
  • Troubleshooting and process control for sewage treatment
  • Introduction to sewage treatment plant equipment / pipes and valves
  • On-site measurement and testing of process control parameters
  • Sewage sampling techniques and records
  • Sampling for sludge disposal site
  • Basic microbiology of sewage treatment
  • Introduction to biological nutrient system removal
  • Activated sludge : process control
  • Flow measurement in sewage treatment plant
  • Aeration system for activated sludge
  • Process optimization and energy conservation
  • Sewerage Construction Manager (SCM) : Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Module B: Treatment process concepts (treatment process, sludge process)
  • Sewerage Construction Manager (SCM) : Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Module C: Mechanical & electrical (electrical, mechanical)


  • Sewerage policies and procedures
  • Confined space awareness
  • Mechanical & electrical for non-mechanical & electrical of sewerage asset management
  • Health and safety awareness for managers
  • Health & safety awareness for supervisors
  • Refresher / awareness on occupational safety & health & office health & safety
  • First aid certification program
  • Health & safety committee workshop
  • Health & safety induction for construction workers
  • Defensive driving
  • Occupational safety & health hazard at workplace
  • Safety passport programme
  • Debt collection agent
  • Soft skills for sanitation and sewerage
  • Fecal sludge management field study
  • Sewerage journey in malaysia study visit
  • Urban centralized sewage treatment plants showcase
  • Non-mechanical sewerage management exploration
  • IWK from sewerage services to environmental enterprise
  • Fleet management
  • In-house programmes
  • Train the trainer