Sewerage System

Connected sewerage systems comprise a network of underground sewer pipes, pump stations, sewage treatment plants and sludge treatment facilities. They generally operate by gravity. As a result, sewage treatment plants are usually located at drainage catchment outlets so that they can capture all the sewage easily without the high cost required for pumping.

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Connected System

Connected sewerage service customers have sewage outlets that are directly linked to a sewage treatment plant via an underground network of sewer pipes. IWK is responsible for the operations and maintenance of all public sewage treatment plants. Public sewage treatment plants are plants which have been handed over to the Government by the Developer.

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Responsive Desludging

Responsive desludging advance payment is required before desludging service is rendered to individual septic tank at premises located outside the operational areas of a Local Authority.


Clearing of Blockage

Clearing of blockage is to clear any blockage in the internal sewerage pipelines, within the premises or premises compound. However, these services are subject to the availability of our resources and customers have the option to engage private contractors/plumbers to clear the blockage.

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Sludge Acceptance Fee

Sludge acceptance fee charge based on the size of the tanker disposing sludge at IWK's designated facilities.

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