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One of the strategies outlined by the government in the Eleventh Malaysia Plan (11MP) is to provide efficient water and sewerage services to ensure better living standards and support the development of the country's economy. As such, the government has taken a holistic approach by integrating water and sewerage services as a single industry under the Water Services Industry Act 2006 (WSIA). As outlined in the WSIA, water and sewerage services are related and allows suspension of water supply in the event of unpaid water or sewerage bills.

On 25 August 2014, the Economy Council (EC) chaired by YAB Prime Minister of Malaysia agrees with:

a) Implementation of Volumetric Tariff for Sewerage Services

b) Implementation of joint-billing with state water operators

On 20 March 2015, the meeting of Cabinet Ministers chaired by the Prime Minister of Malaysia has recommended the implementation of joint-billing according to existing rates. While the issue of volumetric tariff is discussed, KeTTHA chose WP-Labuan as the pioneer location for joint-billing as JBA Labuan is under KeTTHA’s management and this facilitates the implementation process. An integrated bill that combines water and sewerage services charges will make it easier for the people of Labuan to make payments while increasing the efficiency of both utility operators. All the basic information of the utility operators will be included in the bill.

Integrated Bill Sample

1. Customer information
2. Amount of previous bills & payment
3. Meter reading
4. Details of current bill for water charge
5. Details of current bill for sewerage charge
6. Current bill
7. Arrears
8. Total

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