IWK is committed to uphold integrity values in all of its business activities, Hence, the Integrity Unit (IU) of IWK was established in 2014 after the signing of the Corporate Integrity Pledge by the Company in 2012. Establishment of IU in IWK was also in accordance to the Service Circular No. 6/2013 by the Government of Malaysia. IU reports directly to the Board of Integrity Committee (BIC) of IWK. On 26th June 2020, IU was renamed to the Integrity & Governance Unit (IGU), and BIC was renamed to Board Integrity and Governance Committee (BIGC) in accordance to GUIDELINE FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF INTEGRITY AND GOVERNANCE UNIT By THE MALAYSIAN ANTI-CORRUPTION COMMISSION (2019).

The main function of IGU is to deal with integrity matters in the organisation with the responsibility to carry out four (4) core functions based on Guideline for The Management of Integrity & Governance Unit from Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commissions (MACC).

Complaint Management - To receive and act upon all complaints/information of corruption crime and violations of code of conduct and ethics in the organisation.
Detection and Verification - To detect and verify complaints of corruption crime and violation of code of conduct and ethics of the organisation and to ensure appropriate action taken.
Integrity Enhancement - To ensure the process of culturing, institutionalising and implementation integrity in the organisation.
Governance - To ensure the practice of good governance.

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