Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage Treatment Plant


In Malaysia, extensive use has been made of primary treatment systems such as communal septic tank's and Imhoff tanks and unreliable low cost secondary systems such as oxidation ponds. In addition, large urban areas utilise Individual Septic Tanks (IST). It is estimated that there are over one million individual septic tanks in Malaysia.

These tanks only partially treat sewage, discharging an effluent still rich in organic material. This has the potential to create public health and environmental problems, particularly in urban areas.

It is hoped that in the long-term, Malaysia's sewerage system will be made more efficient through the standardisation of the types of plants used.

These extensive programmes are nothing short of a revolution in the management of domestic sewage in Malaysia. The entire sewerage infrastructure can expect to undergo changes. Estimates have been made of the number and type of public treatment plants currently in Malaysia.